We are Fox

We Are Fox is a leading faux flower company with a passion for all things floral, verdant, and botanical. With a commitment to sustainability and longevity, We Are Fox has created a range of botanical masterpieces that capture the beauty of nature without compromising on durability. Each bloom and leaf is expertly crafted to replicate the delicate intricacies of real flowers, ensuring a lifelike appearance that lasts for years to come.

We collaborated closely with We Are Fox to refine their visual identity. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting world of wildflowers and fauna, we crafted a design that authentically captured the essence of their brand. Through meticulous attention to detail, including hand-drawn illustrations and typography, we ensured that every element of their brand identity resonated with their audience. The result was a cohesive and captivating brand presence that truly reflects the beauty and charm of We Are Fox. 



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