Grizzly Cheri

At Grizzly Cheri, they draw inspiration from everyday life. Their beloved mascot is a soft, chubby, crown-wearing grizzly bear, symbolising tenderness and everlasting comfort. They chose the grizzly bear as their emblem because, like the classic teddy bear, it represents timeless warmth and affection that transcends generations. Their mission is clear: to create unique jewellery that stands out from the ordinary. With an all-female team based in Paris, their design studio feels like home, fostering creativity and a sense of well-being.

At Forest Yard, we partnered with Grizzly Cheri to create a unique brand identity that embodies their values and personality. Through collaborative brainstorming and creative exploration, we developed a distinctive logo, cohesive colour palette, and playful elements that capture the essence of the brand. Our goal was to craft a memorable brand experience that resonates with Grizzly Cheri’s audience, ensuring every detail reflects their unique charm and creativity.




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