Hills and Hedgerows

Hills and Hedgerows are a small independent business creating refined, functional and beautiful homes. They’re continuously on the lookout for lifestyle products which allow us to pause and connect with nature and the natural landscape to enhance our health and wellbeing. They source products primarily across the UK that connect to the seasons and the natural landscape, hoping to create a positive and restorative home. We worked with Hills and Hedgerows on crafting a authenitc brand identity, brand guidelines, printed materials and Shopify website design.



Brand identity

Logo design

Sub marks

Brand guidelines

Custom illustrations


Founded by Kathryn and Jo, Forest Yard a full service creative design studio based in Cornwall, UK. We love crafting unique brands for our client's businesses around the world. We chose Cornwall as a base for the studio due to our love for nature and the coastline, which inspires our work.

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