L’Heritage Bistro

L’Heritage is a beautiful French-inspired bistro nestled in the picturesque setting of Chowder Bay, Sydney. Our collaboration with L’Heritage involved the development of a refined brand identity that captured the essence of the bistro’s charm and character. Drawing inspiration from the bistro’s beautiful and unusual building, we crafted a simple and clean brand identity complemented by an iconic symbol representing the essence of the establishment.

In addition to the brand identity, we meticulously designed cohesive printed materials and brand guidelines, focusing on the brand’s aesthetic, photography style, font selection, and colour palette. Moreover, we designed a bespoke booking website, incorporating custom illustrations and menu designs that echoed the bistro’s sophisticated ambiance. Our aim was to provide visitors with a seamless online experience that mirrored the elegance and refinement of L’Heritage.




Brand identity

Website design

Logo design

Sub marks

Custom illustrations

Menu design

Brand guidelines

Brand strategy

Print collateral

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