The Offy Bistro

The Offy is as a distinctive European-inspired restaurant and cocktail bar in Chilliwack, Canada. The owners believe in the power of food and cocktails to bring people together, and the venue serves as a welcoming gathering place where locals and visitors can come together to enjoy delicious meals, share stories, and forge lasting friendships.

In addition to crafting the brand identity, we curated cohesive printed materials and brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent aesthetic, photography style, font selection, and colour palette across all brand touchpoints. Furthermore, we undertook the creation of a customised bespoke website, incorporating bespoke illustrations and menu designs that resonated with The Offy’s sophisticated atmosphere. Our goal was to provide visitors with a seamless online experience that reflected the elegance and refinement synonymous with The Offy.




Brand identity

Website design

Logo design

Sub marks

Custom illustrations

Menu design

Brand guidelines

Brand strategy

Print collateral

Social media

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