Wizz & Wild

Wizz & Wild specialises in the cultivation of romantic and wild blooms, their creations are a harmonious reflection of the changing seasons, crafted in an ethically and sustainably for weddings and events. Delivered to you in their charming little pink Figaro, each bouquet exudes an air of timeless elegance.

Our collaboration with Wizz & Wild extended beyond the creation of a bespoke hand-drawn logo. Drawing inspiration from their iconic Figaro and the untamed beauty of wildflowers, we meticulously crafted a visual identity that encapsulated the essence of their brand. This encompassed not only the logo design but also the development of brand guidelines, ensuring consistency across all their marketing materials and touchpoints.

We partnered with Wizz & Wild to design and curate a user-friendly website that served as a digital showcase for their workshops and portfolio as well as creating a comprehensive branding strategy aimed at elevating their brand presence and communicating their unique story to their audience.



Brand identity

Website design

Logo design

Sub marks

Brand guidelines

Brand strategy

Custom illustrations

Print collateral

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