Ryn and Jo are a great working combination. They listened to what I wanted to share with my clients and used their creative skill set to make this happen. Jo patiently worked with me on the website until everything was in place just as I had envisioned and Ryn’s steady and inspired illustrations have completely lifted the site to what it is now. They are very professional and attentive to detail - something I hugely appreciate, and the sense of fun and lightness that comes across is perfect for what was needed. I love it - a very happy customer.

Jenny Hayes

Jane Levinson

A great team. They designed my individual business logo and website within an agreed timeframe and cost with frequent communication and consideration throughout. They listened to details re my artisan business and tailored my logo and website to reflect these qualities and included my views throughout the process whilst providing me with options to choose from. Ryn went on to organise business cards and a pull up banner for me again meeting deadlines reliably and have since been very helpful with advice when needed. I can't recommend their skilled work highly enough and in the event of increasing my website/business social media they will be my first choice.

Jane Levinson

When I began looking for someone to redo the branding of my small photography business I wanted more than a standard logo design. I wanted to engage in a creative collaboration with a true artist with a strong vision. Ryn is this and more. She is generous and open and her work is refreshing and distills ideas into their iconic forms. It is a thrill every time she sends over new ideas. Her work inspires me and working with her is a delight. I look forward to future projects together. I recommend her highly to those looking for something above and beyond for their business or illustration project.

27 Wonders Photography

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